What is Shared Web Hosting and How Does it Work (update 2022)

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Shared Web Hosting is a hosting service where many websites share the resources with one web server.

Many hosting providers offer shared hosting plans at very affordable rates. The plan ranges from $2.75 per month to $9.95 per month.

Shared web hosting plans are by far the cheapest and most affordable than other web hosting plans like VPS or Dedicated servers. It is ideal for small business blogs, and portfolio websites because of the low cost.

Most beginners don’t need anything more than shared web hosting. I always recommend keeping your costs low when starting out and working your way up. You don’t need to spend money on resources that you don’t need.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most popular web hosting to start a blog for beginners. So before we jump into shared hosting here first, let’s have a look at What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows you to post your website or web page on the internet.

Shared hosting is the most popular and inexpensive hosting service. It means that the server, on which your website is hosted, also hosts other websites.

When other websites are hosted on one server, it shares all the resources of the website services like memory, storage, CPU, bandwidth, etc.

You have complete access to your hosting account, on which you can manage the account from FTP or the hosting provider’s software.

This reason shared hosting reduces the price a lot because your websites are hosted on a single server. The cost of internet bandwidth with the server is shared by all the website owners.

It is the best solution for an individual and small to medium-size business that does not have much traffic and needs fewer resources.

But if there is a traffic increase of the website, then customers have the option of VPS, dedicated hosting available. So they can switch VPS or dedicated servers but these are more expensive than shared web hosting.

How does Shared Hosting work?

Just like living in an apartment with roommates to split the bills and rent resources are shared with other users. It is the most common option for beginners who looking to host their first website.

Because it is cost-effective and requires less technicity. Since many users are sharing the same space, individual cost is reduced to the least.

Shared hosting packages come with easy-to-use features like a user-friendly control panel.

In shared hosting, the web hosting provider handles servers, installing server software. Also security updates, technical support, and all other aspects of the shared web hosting service.

Why did you choose Shared Web Hosting?

Shared hosting may not fulfill your needs but shared hosting is still the most popular web hosting. This is the most affordable hosting option out of all the hosting plans.

Most individuals, small-medium sized businesses that do not have a lot of traffic on their website so prefer shared hosting.

Now the question will come to your mind why shared web hosting is a good choice for only small business websites.

This hosting is a good choice for blogs and small businesses because they typically don’t need a lot of bandwidth. A new website or small website doesn’t need much space on the server because they tend to be simple.

So sharing the hosting server with another user it allows you to get the website space it needs at a very low cost. So shared web hosting allows you to share space and costs with others. This is the way it helps your website to get the speed and space you need.

4 Key Advantages of Shared Hosting

1. Easy setup

Who doesn’t want a flexible setup for making a website? Here’s comes shared hosting that helps you to manage your website very smoothly. Because the hosting companies provide you tons of resources with a Cpanel to control the website.

2. Extendibility

All companies offer a lot of plans and packages for shared web hosting. According to your needs, you can choose a suitable package for you.

The smallest package allocates you a limited domain, lowest disc space, and bandwidth. But, a good hosting plan has more features like more disc space, website, and bandwidth options available. You can upgrade the package according to your website’s needs.

3. Low-cost

This is the cheapest hosting of all the hosting plans out there. This has very low monthly fee costs. It’s better to choose a yearly plan, that is offered even more discounts than monthly.

4. No Skill

Shared hosting is an ideal choice for beginners. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use it If you are not a tech guy, you don’t have knowledge about web hosting.

You can easily start your blog with shared host plans without technical Knowledge. A couple of good shared hosting like BlueHost, provide an excellent resource to run your website.

There could be tons of advantages you will get by using shared hosting. It is the cheapest web hosting option out there for everyone!

Get the best value by buying the yearly package instead of buying a monthly basics plan. The host will offer a discount for paying a year in advance.

5 Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

1. Performance

Keep in mind, that your website’s performance may at some stage be affected by other sites hosted on the shared server.

If your site is the host with a site whose traffic keeps increasing unexpectedly, it might slow your site, that literally, Google doesn’t like to rank. It also hits the performance of other websites along with your website.

2. File Restrictions

All the websites hosted on the server have depended on the software of the hosting company.

As it is a shared environment, to the security of the hosting company you can not install all types of script or software. It is possible that the application you want to run cannot run due to being restricted.

3. Limited customization

If you want special requirements, shared hosting is not the right solution for you. You are not allowed to use customized software like PostgreSQL etc, because most shared hosting packages use MySQL and PHP.

4. Server Crashes

When your traffic grows, there are chances of a server crashing. Because it on shared with not only 1 website, but might be thousand of websites hosted on one server.

5. Security Concerns

The last disadvantage of shared hosting is sharing the same server is that the server resources are not available to your site. Because of hosting your site on the same server as other websites are that a security glitch by one website may affect your site.

Is Shared Web Hosting Right Choice For You?

We have already mentioned that this is by far the most popular option across the web currently. Because there are many websites that simply don’t need much space, bandwidth, or expandability.

Many sites don’t grow or change much and this is true for a lot of small businesses too. So for many site owners, the shared web hosting option is fine.

Shared hosting is good for those websites that have

  • Limited data and files on the server
  • Watching their budget and want to save cost
  • No coding and any kind of technical knowledge required
  • Easy to set up their website

So these are some features of shared hosting which you can keep in mind when choosing a hosting plan for your site.

Our Recommended Best Shared hosting service:

Here we are giving you some best-shared hosting providers which you can use for your website.

1. BlueHost

Bluehost is one of the #1 recommended WordPress providers by wordpress.org. It has hosted more than 2 Million Websites around the globe. BlueHost is the most popular hosting service for websites.

Bluehost hosting provides many features like 24/7 support, one-click install for WordPress, HTTP(SSL), and a free domain for one year. Their plan starts at $2.95 per month.

2. HostGator

Hostgator is also a popular hosting service like Bluehost. It hosts more than 10 million domains. They provide many features like free website transfer, unlimited email accounts, 24/7 support for your website, and many more.

3. Hostinger

Hostinger is a fast and secure web hosting service for websites. There is no need to do anything just a one-click installation and your website is living.

Speed is very important for any website so you must check the speed and performance of any hosting service. Hostinger makes speed good for your website.

It also provides 24/7 support to solve technical issues related to your website. Hostinger is very easy to use it always tries to make your website fast, secure, and reliable.

4. InMotion Hosting

InMotion is a well-known web hosting company of all time. It is a fast, secure web hosting and is available 24/7 for your service. It offers reliable and affordable WordPress hosting plans, simply on one-click installation.

FAQ: Shared Web Hosting

Why Shared Hosting?

There are a couple of reasons behind choosing shared hosting. I do recommend shared hosting because it offers the most cost-effective way to get a site online. The server costs are low because maintaining a server is split among all the users. This is why people love to start their first website by using a shared host.

Is Shared Hosting Slow?

Shared hosting can be slow because they have limitations. look, A cheap web host will usually give you a shared server. Which means you’re sharing space and resources with thousands of other websites. If the server resources are used aggressively by others, definitely it slows your sites. I told you that it is only ideal for new bloggers and small projects.

What is the Best Shared Hosting?

There are countless web hosting out there that provide shared hosting. But, I do recommend some hosts that I’ve been using for a couple of years now.. here are some of them> Bluehost– Best overall shared hosting provider. HostGator – Best for help and support. Hostinger – Best for customer service. InMotion – Best for value for money.

Is Shared Hosting Good for Ecommerce

The shared hosting service is not the best solution for an eCommerce website. As I told you earlier that shared hosting is ideal for small websites or low traffic. Just think about, an eCommerce website there have a lot of online transactions that occur. But if the website is being shared on a server it can make your website more possible to hack. For the E-commerce website, I do recommend dedicated server hosting for your business.

How Much Traffic Can Shared Hosting Handle?

Shared hosting isn’t bad as you think. Shared hosting is capable of handling up to 100000 visitors per month. This solution is not just for casual bloggers and personal website owners. Shared hosting makes an easy solution for businesses that operate with less than 20 people.


Shared hosting provides web hosting at a dramatically reduced price. This makes it a good hosting option for smaller websites looking to start out.

With shared hosting, you share the same server with many website users. Sharing a server also means you share the cost with other hosting users.

Shared hosting is an excellent option for Bloggers, Small Businesses for an online presence. But you also can try WordPress Web Hosting for your first sites. It’s more expensive than shared hosting.

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