How to Connect NameCheap Domain to HostGator [4 Steps]

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Last updated on April 3rd, 2022

I assume that you’ve already bought your dream domain name from NameCheap. If you want to host your domain to HostGator, then It’s time to connect NameCheap Domain to HostGator.

Congratulations! I would say you’ve just taken the right decision.

NameCheap and HostGator have both been amazing providers over the years. Namecheap is very popular in terms of cheap domain names. Hostgator, on the other hand, is affordable web hosting for beginners.

However, if you want to buy a domain name from Namecheap in order to host with HostGator, then you need to read this article first.

In this article, I’m going to show you exactly how to point the NameCheap domain to HostGator in a few minutes. Let’s drive into it!!

Why Namecheap Domain + HostGator Hosting

NOTE: I won’t recommend buying a domain name and Web hosting from the same company. What if you change hosting, it’s always wise not to put all the eggs in the same basket.

Why NameCheap Domain

If you haven’t bought a domain yet from Namecheap, then follow our special link and get 38% OFF the domain.

Namecheap is one of my favorite domain registers that I’ve been using since 2018. They are literally awesome at the same time affordable rather than other providers like GoDaddy.

NameCheap is good and they provide solid security features, flexible domain management services. Also, customer support and dynamic DNS performance are fast.

NOTE: Overall, Namecheap offers you Privacy Protection for FREE, whereas GoDaddy comes at a premium addon.

Namecheap Domain Pros & Cons

  • Cheap Price
  • 24/7 customer
  • ICANN Accreditation
  • Minimal upsell tactics
  • Knowledgeable help desk
  • Domains are simple to transfer
  • Good service and security features
  • Some new domain extensions expensive like .SO

Why Hostgator Hosting

HostGator is reliable, fast, and ensures almost 100% uptime. I always think that blogging is a business and Hostgator provides what the business needs and the support to maintain it.

Whatever web hosting services you want to buy make sure SUPPORT is convenient. Hostgator, on the other hand, comes in user-friendly, supportive, professional, and works fast to solve any issues.

However, if anything goes wrong with your site, their dedicated crew handles your issues. You can reach them via phone, live chat, and email, they have plenty of options to get in touch.

Hostgator Hosting Pros & Cons

  • Excellent up-time
  • Affordable hosting plans
  • Reliable web hosting
  • Quick and efficient support
  • Easy to set up and convenient
  • cPanel is clear and functional
  • Decent interface to navigate
  • Renewal Prices are confusing

How to Point Namecheap Domain to HostGator

We are in the main sections of this article, so stay focused on these 3 steps below. With three steps, I’m going to show you exactly how to point your Namecheap domain to HostGator.

NOTE: If you’re starting this tutorial from scratch, first buy a domain from Namecheap and sign up for HostGator afterward. Because, for this tutorial, you must need them both.

#Step 1. Buy Hosting From Hostgator

How to Connect NameCheap Domain to HostGator

If you don’t buy your hosting from Hostgator yet make sure to check our 65% off promo link. This is an exclusive deal for our blog (MyStartupBlog) readers.

However, HostGator offers 3 shared hosting plans – Hatchling, Baby, & Business. Their hatchling package for $2.75/m(65%OFF) for the starter. But I highly recommend you to go with Baby Plan 65% off, Because it lets you host unlimited sites.

Or if you have already bought the HostGator hosting, you can simply skip this step.

Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, the next step would find your Hostgator nameservers. When you buy hosting from HostGator, they will provide unique nameservers for your hosting account.

#Step 2. Find HostGator Nameservers

In this step, you need to find HostGator nameservers first. Once get the nameservers then proceed to connect the domain accordingly.

Let’s find HostGator nameservers below:

  1. Log into your Customer Portal.
  2. Login to HostGator cPanel
  3. On the right-side menu, Check General Settings.

#1. Log in Customer Portal

How to Connect NameCheap Domain to HostGator

In order to Login simply put the email and password you have selected during the sign-up process.

#2. Login to HostGator cPanel

How to Connect NameCheap Domain to HostGator

Once you log in to your Hostgator account, simply click ” Launch cPanel” it will automatically redirect to the cPanel.

#3. Check General Settings

How to Connect NameCheap Domain to HostGator

On the right-side menu, Check General Settings, you will find two NameServers (Primary & Secondary).

Now that you’ve got your HostGator Nameservers, It’s time to move forward to change Nameservers on NameCheap.

#Step 3. Change Nameservers NameCheap [DNS]

This is the last and most important step to point your Namecheap domain to Hostgator hosting. So, follow the steps very carefully.

Follow These Steps:
  • Login to NameCheap.
  • Click “Domain List“.
  • Choose the domain and click “Manage“.
  • On the “Nameservers” section, Select “Custom DNS“.
  • Set the HostGator Nameservers
  • HIT save
How to Connect NameCheap Domain to HostGator

Here you go, log in to your Namecheap account and click “Domain List”. Now choose the domain name and click “Manage” you want to point to HostGator hosting

How to Connect NameCheap Domain to HostGator

Now, HIT the NAMESERVERS options, Select CUSTOM DNS options and point to the Hostgator Nameserver. And the Next Hit save button.

NOTE: The DNS propagation may take a few hours to complete which means changing the nameservers is not being processed instantly. Don’t worry, within an hour it connects to the Hostgator hosting.

CONGRATULATIONS! You successfully connect your NameCheap Domain name to HostGator Hosting.

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  • How to install WordPress to Hostgator

Why connect Namecheap Domain to Hostgator

You need to connect the Namecheap domain to Hostgator in order to install WordPress.I always recommend my readers to buy a domain and hosting from a different company.

Because when you are not comfortable with your host you need to change the hosting provider, not the domain name.

Once your domain name and host are the same you might get a bunch of problems during migration to another hosting. This is the reason you better pick a separate domain provider like Namecheap.

As you wish to start a blog with Hostgator you will need to point your nameservers from the domain registrar to the hosting provider.

In this case, the domain registrar is Namecheap, and the web hosting provider is Hostgator. The combination of both can help you save money to start a smooth journey.

FAQ’S: Point Namecheap Domain to HostGator

Final Thought

I hope you enjoyed the comprehensive blog post on how to point the Namecheap domain to Hostgator hosting. Hopefully, It was easy and fun, all you need to do is follow the steps above, I’ve shown.

HOPE you are done, and let us know the experience in the comments below, We would love to hear from you.

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