Top 6 Advantages of Shared Hosting (You Should Know)

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There are tons of advantages and benefits of Shared hosting. If you want to start a blog, I must say, this is the right decision to start a website and make a passive income from the website.

Look, you don’t need to break the bank to create a website. When you think about creating a new blog, shared hosting would be the best option for you.

If you are new to the hosting world, I will show you the key advantages of shared hosting.

What is Shared Hosting; in Short overview!

Shared web hosting is a hosting service where a server is hosted by many websites. Here the websites are given individual cPanels by the hosting server.

The websites share resources like disk space and bandwidth with other users. In shared hosting, the security of your website cannot be guaranteed.

Because other users make an error in the backend script, the other users will suffer from downtime issues and loading problems.

Shared hosting is not good for websites with high traffic. Shared hosting plans are best for websites with low bandwidth.

What are the advantages of shared hosting?

You likely choose a shared web hosting service to create a website. And make sure that your website is running well the whole time. When you choose the one hosting provider.

Make sure that he provides fast WordPress hosting for your website needs. And also provides the support and tutorials or knowledge to improve your site, you win.

So let’s jump to the advantage of using shared hosting.

1. For Learning

If you are really interested in learning about online marketing, here you go start your first WordPress blog. Bounce of online resources you get from the internet.

From those resources, you could learn about website designing or affiliate marketing. In that learning phase, you can take hosting.

This hosting is also beneficial for those who want to learn on their own. For experimenting with those things you can simply start a basic shared hosting plan.

2. Extendibility

All companies offer a couple of plans in shared web hosting like Hostgator, inMotion, BlueHost, and HostPapa offer very suitable plans.

You can choose whatever plan is suitable for you or your projects. A good hosting plan has tons of features like disc space, bandwidth, or SSL. You can upgrade the plan when your website will grow.

3. Low-cost

One of the key benefits of using shared hosting is they are very affordable.

All hosting company offers a narrow budget plan so that someone can live the project online. This is the well-recognized cheapest hosting plan of all time.

4. No Skill

Shared hosting is a great option for beginners. You don’t need a tech guy to use it or, you don’t need knowledge about web hosting.

You can simply start your first blog with shared host plans without tech knowledge. A good shared hosting like Bluehost, they provide the best resource to run your website.

5. For Initial Stage of a blog

Shared hosting plans are good for a small blog or the initial stage of the blog, and it is more affordable for early birds.

At the very beginning, people always seek to get things at an affordable price, so this hosting plan is good for them. They can change their hosting plan when the traffic on their website increases.

6. Small businesses

Look, you have a business, so you need an online identity. In this sense, you could use shared hosting without worry.

If your website has fewer visitors and it doesn’t need more visitors, then this hosting is very good. You can start with shared hosting, it runs your website smoothly, and you don’t face any problems.

In a nutshell, you could be found more advantages by using shared hosting. It is the best affordable web hosting out there for everyone!

Get the best value for your money by buying a yearly plan instead of buying a monthly basics plan. In this way, host providers will offer a discount for paying for a year in advance.

What are the disadvantages of Shared hosting

You know what; nothing came at 100% accurate or perfect. So there are also a few disadvantages of using shared hosting

  • Shared hosting has issues of small disc space. And it has fewer resources that is why the website is not able to handle high traffic.
  • Host-only one domain at a time and two or more domains cannot install on this hosting plan.
  • If you put various cms or various website structures on a single website, it refuses to handle it. And your site shut down until solving the problem.
  • Shared host is tot useful for eCommerce websites or high-traffic blogs.

Faq’s: Advantages of Shared Hosting

What is Meant by Shared Hosting?

Well, shared hosting is a type of web hosting where a bunch of website hosts with one a single physical server. Many users use the resources on a single server, that is why it keeps the costs low.

Is Shared Hosting Good?

Obviously, shared hosting is good for small or newbie websites and people who are just starting out. Shared web hosting is budget-friendly as compared with WordPress hosting.

Is Shared Hosting Slow?

In my experience, I found a shared host bit slow than others. It can be sometimes slow if other users are using high CPU or using resources aggressively. This main problem of shared hosting is one physical server with hundreds of websites.

How much Traffic can a Shared Hosting Handle?

Well, Shared hosting solutions are not just for professional bloggers. It is capable of handling up to 100,000 visitors a month, which translates to roughly over 3000 visitors daily. This makes it a perfect solution for businesses or bloggers that operate with less than 25 people.

Shared hosting vs WordPress hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of hosting plan where you share space on a server with other websites. WordPress hosting also can be shared or not means that the server comes optimized for WordPress.


Shared hosting is usually taken by those who want to learn website designing or want to start a small blog, or start a small business.

Shared hosting is a small part of hosting, In which many users use space to host their websites. It is like a Wi-Fi connection, where many users share the connection from a leased line.

Look, I was starting my first blog with shared hosting by using WordPress CMS with a small amount of money. At that time, I was learning digital marketing.

With this hosting plan, I learned all my SEO work like On-Page and Off-Page SEO on my website by working with live projects.

So my experience is pretty good in the initial stage of the online world. I will recommend you to go with the shared hosting if you are going to start online work.

If you have any further questions you can share them in a comment below!

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