What is Cloud Web Hosting and How Does it Work?

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I think you heard of cloud web hosting, and the Internet has expanded so fast in just a few decades. This growth has also accompanied a tremendous impact on technological advancement. It’s allowing Internet speeds to boost while server costs have tremendously fallen.

The speed of the internet has become an important factor while using it. Everyone wants high-speed internet with better security, this is why the following technology leads to the rise of cloud hosting.

I’m sure by now you get a little idea about cloud hosting. If you are still confused about that just continue reading this article. In this article I will explain the whole concept of cloud hosting and how does it work.

What exactly is Cloud hosting?

Cloud web hosting is a type of hosting service, where your website is hosted on a cloud server, also known as a virtual server. But in traditional web hosting, your website sits on one server.

It is also known as a “dedicated server,” Cloud hosting is different because your data is spread across many servers. Choosing cloud web hosting is to rely on your website’s needs and requirements.

When your site is growing and you want something better than traditional web hosting. Then cloud web hosting is the right choice because it will automatically adjust to your website’s traffic and growth.

This hosting service is beneficial for that website owner who has a wide business and the largest resources.

It will help you to grow your website very fast. It is the new trend of web hosting mostly used by many website owners.

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How does Cloud Hosting work?

Cloud Web Hosting is one of the best solutions for you if your business scales. You don’t have to worry about the data, because if any of your servers will get drop your data, it will save on another server.

While using a computer to browse site content it will ultra-fast. But the traditional web-hosting model, your website, and all its data live on one server in a physical data center.

When your site grew you need to secure your resources. But in cloud web hosting the resources of your website are stored across many servers.

Even if one server fails, others are there to pick up the loose. That means, your website is getting space not only for a single server but you get more of your needs.

And all its servers are virtual and you only have to pay for what you use. The extra resources are available for website growth, it will not cost you extra money.

It is one of the flexible and cost-effective types of hosting services today. This is why most startups use cloud hosting.

Choosing a cloud web hosting package from a reliable company may cost as little as $10 a month, keep you up and running, and save you from hassles.

So all these factors make cloud hosting reliable, scalable, secure, and affordable for website owners.

What are the types of cloud web hosting?

Public – As evident from the name, public cloud web hosting is where many users share a physical server infrastructure. Virtual networks are different for each user, but the life that they live in is the same.

Private – Unlike public hosting, private hosting comprises the whole server for a specific agency or business. Where only their site is deployed on the server. Here no other site is allowed to be hosted, which results in the greatest security possible.

Hybrid – It is a combination of public and private cloud web hosting. In hybrid hosting, both public and private hosting is deployed on the same network. The server is the same for both too. It has a least one public cloud and one private cloud.

What are the benefits of cloud web hosting?

Cloud hosting is more beneficial than traditional web hosting. Cloud web hosting is one of the best or popular hosting in recent years. There is a couple of cloud hosting benefits; some of them are given below:

1. Pricing: The price of cloud hosting is very affordable. You only have to pay for the server resources that you use.

2. Uptime and Performance: If your site has a slow loading page or takes the time of loading. Then cloud hosting will provide you a higher level of the server which has higher resources.

3. Scalable: It is scalable if your website getting ups and down traffic then this hosting is best for you.

4. Security: Cloud web hosting is offering one of the best securities to its customers. As the data is stored in many server systems then there is no threat of losing it. It can be easily accessible even if there is something wrong with your site.

5. Automated Updates: In cloud hosting, the servers regularly update the software. So, you won’t need to waste your time on updates and maintenance of your system.

Cloud Hosting vs. Web Hosting

Web hosting services also use the cloud. They help you register your domain name; store your website’s files.

Also, they provide tools such as databases, programming languages, and web programming frameworks. They provide security-related items, such as SSL certificates, as well as site analytics.

A good web hosting service like HostGator, Bluehost, or ScalaHosting, may be all your website or organization needs.

But there are some limitations. These services usually offer fixed support. So when you’re growing in that time needs extra RAM or bandwidth would have no way to divide more resources.

Even upgrading to a new plan would mean downtime for your blog or website. A cloud web hosting service, but, has its resources spread across many devices, so adding resources is easy and fast.

A larger, growing, or more ambitious project would enjoy a good cloud web hosting service, as would any service with spikes and dips in traffic.

Shared vs Cloud Hosting

Shared web hosting, several websites, including yours, share the same server and its resources. This type of web hosting is best for projects that do not receive much traffic and do not consume a lot of resources.

There are also tons of benefits of using shared web hosting. The hosting spaces for individual websites are limited.

The price of shared hosting is the most affordable because you are renting just a part of the server space. There are limitations to the performance of the hosting solution.

The most important issue is the slow speed of a shared hosting server that translates into slow performance. Moreover, if you predict the growth in traffic, shared hosting solutions do not scale well with the growing traffic.

But, cloud hosting servers provide you with a secure and scalable solution for your website. You have the freedom in the choice of resources (RAM, processor, bandwidth, and storage) for your WordPress website.

For medium to high (or even unexpected) volumes of traffic, cloud hosting is the best choice.

Since the performance of your website depends on the server resources of cloud hosting. The increasing volume of traffic is accommodated easily because of the higher level of resources.

How Much Does Cloud Hosting Cost?

Yes, it is! It is more expensive than traditional web hosting. For instance, a shared hosting plan can be purchased for only a few dollars a month, while cloud web hosting plans will cost you closer to $25 to $50 per month.

You know what, with any service; you get what you pay for. Cloud web hosting performance, and scalability advantages work better way than shared hosting services.

Cloud web hosting services come with more security and performance features. While shared hosting services can provide a small business needs for a basic website.

In a nutshell, cloud web hosting costs you than traditional web hosting.

What are the best Cloud hosting providers?

Cloud Web hosting has become much more reasonable for smaller organizations, with a wide range of hosting plans.

According to the features and the flexibility here are some of the best Cloud hosting providers which offer great services.

  1. Cloudways
  2. BlueHost
  3. ScalaHosting
  4. InMotion
  5. HostGator
  6. Hostinger

Companies like Hostgator and ScalaHosting offer both web hosting and cloud hosting plans for small businesses.

So you can test what’s best for your website hosting needs. I recommended Cloudways because it offers managed cloud hosting and it’s simple and easy to use.

FAQ: Cloud Hosting

What is the Meaning of Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a type of host Service that provides a suite of remote/virtual services. They provide on-demand basis hosting services, where your website is hosted on a cloud server, also known as a virtual server.

Do I Need Cloud Hosting?

No, you don’t need cloud hosting to start a blog. Basically, Cloud web hosting could be great for organizations and high-traffic websites. If your website has grown enough you need cloud hosting for a better user experience. It does ensure perfect uptime.

Is Cloud Hosting Secure?

Yes! cloud web hosting is secure and safe than other hosting services. They upload the data directly to the cloud so there’s no need for any physical hardware. And the data is distributed across remote servers and the information stored in the cloud is safeguarded.

Should I Use Cloud Hosting?

Look, if you want to get more space for less money then cloud hosting would be great. Basically, cloud hosting is best for a grown website. If your shared host can’t able to handle your site you should use cloud hosting.

Is Cloud Hosting Better than Shared Hosting?

Obviously, cloud hosting is better than shard hosting. Cloud Host is a type of service that exists on many servers instead of on one shared server. It ensures security more than shared hosting.


Before buying cloud web hosting you should ensure your current traffic. If you consider moving cloud hosting, carefully check your needs, and desires for your sites.

So, Cloud hosting is the most reasonable improvement to the physical server that we’ve ever seen.

Cloud hosting is the form of a server that is owned by many website owners. It is one of the best options for giving reliability and flexibility to your website.

I hope you completely understand the concept of cloud hosting in this article. If you want to start blogging then make your first website for less than 15 minutes.

If you have any further questions about cloud hosting, leave them in the comment below!

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