BackupBuddy Black Friday 2022: (Get 50% Discount On All Plans)

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If you’re looking for BackupBuddy Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals to save money you’ve come to the right place in 2022?

On this (2022) BackupBuddy Black Friday, you can save up to 50% OFF All Plans. It is ridiculously affordable, Isn’t it!

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BackupBuddy Black Friday Sale in 2022 (Get Up to 50% OFF)

Note: BackupBuddy Black Friday Discount will Go live 29th of November 2022.

BackupBuddy is offering 50% OFF all of its plans during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022.

In BackupBuddy Black Friday sale 2022 every new customer will get the maximum discount of the year. On the usual days, the price of the BackupBuddy plugin may be quite high.

So this is the right time to get this plugin, as it’s offering up to 50% off on all plans. Let’s say the regular prices start from $80 per year, but you will get it for just $40 during Black Friday time.

Backupbuddy Black Friday & Cyber Monday Pricing 2022

As of now, Backupbuddy offers 3 plans listed below with their regular price.

  • Gold – $199
  • Freelancer – $127
  • Blogger – $80

But you can get all the above plans at a 50% OFF during this BackupBuddy Black Friday Deals 2022.

  • Gold – $$99.5
  • Freelancer – $63.5
  • Blogger – $40

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How to Avail BackupBuddy Black Friday Deal in 2022

Are you worried about checking out BackupBuddy Deals?

Don’t worry? Let me walk you through how to avail BackupBuddy deals with maximum discounts.

1st: Click here This will take you to the BackupBuddy Black Friday discount page.

2nd: Click on Buy NOW Button

3rd: After that, you have to select the plan (suitable plans)

4th: Create your account and Use Coupon code

5th: Checkout using your preferred payment method (debit card, credit card, or PayPal)

All set, Congratulations, you have successfully grabbed the Backupbuddy black Friday deals.

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BackupBuddy Review 2022 [in short]

BackupBuddy is a WordPress backup & restore plugin that helps thousands of people backup their blog safely.

It is one of the most popular backup plugins provided by the popular web hosting company Liquid Web.

BackupBuddy from iThemes is a Liquid Web sister company. Most importantly It is fun to use, with a few clicks without facing any technical glitches, it makes a fine move.

With this tool, you will be able to take a backup with all media files as well as Databases from your WordPress dashboard panel. Technically it will work on both sides.

So, it’s a big blogging tool for all the bloggers working on WordPress. But many of you haven’t been able to buy it due to less budget.

That means, your blog content is in danger. What if you face any problem with your blog or your hosting account. Or migrate your site to some other host.

But wait, we have a money-saving deal for you, it is the BackupBuddy Black Friday Deal. Where you won’t need to pay the normal price to buy. I mean you will get up to 50% OFF from the regular price.

Anyway, As it is a great plugin for any WordPress user, still here’s some reason you should use this Plugin.

Why Do You Choose BackupBuddy in 2022

Why should you choose Backubuddy as your backup plugin?

I know, this question comes to your mind. No worries, let’s see the amazing benefits that you will get with this plugin. No other backup plugin gives this many features.

1. Easy Setup & Configuration

While other backup plugins have some complicated settings and setups, with BackupBuddy, the setup is very easy.

When you log in to your iThemes customer account (the same account you used to buy BackupBuddy).

All you need to use is your iThemes username and password. That’s it. After that, you can start sending your backups to your BackupBuddy storage.

2. Backups are Encrypted

Don’t worry your data will be safe because it has off-site backups. Without using any third-party company like S3 or Dropbox it makes backup storage easier for you.

By letting you deal with the complicated parts of the process – like encryption and redundant backups.

They use the same level of encryption that the US government authorizes for top-secret government documents. You can now guess how secure they are…

3. Complete WordPress Backup

BackupBuddy will allow taking the complete backup of your WordPress website without any issue.

While other backup plugins give you some limitations to backup your site. With this plugin, you will take a complete A to Z backup of your complete setup within a few clicks.

4. Easy Restores through ImportBuddy

ImportBuddy, BackupBuddy manual restore and migration script that automatically lets you back up your files so you don’t have to manually upload a backup zip file.

If you’re in a hurry to restore a backup, this can be a huge time saver! It takes no time for the backup zip files to upload to your server.

5. Real-time, Cloud-based Backups on BackupBuddy Storage

Stash Live is BackupBuddy’s real-time WordPress backup feature. It continuously spies for any changes to posts, pages, media, plugins & themes, and immediately moves them up for safe storage.

BackupBuddy Stash Live also takes a “snapshot” of your website in time. It typically records your site data every moment.

Even Your Backups are stored as downloadable zip files in your BackupBuddy Storage. It allows you to upload your data anytime from anywhere.

6. Manage all your Backup files in one Place

BackupBuddy allows you to manage your backup files according to your website. All BackupBuddy files you can manage from the iThemes Sync dashboard.

It gives you an even more robust website management dashboard. From here, you can browse all of your backups, view files and see how much space you’ve used. That’s pretty much everything you can handle from one place.

7. Restore Your Backups from your WordPress Dashboard

BackupBuddy allows you to restore all of your plugins, themes, WordPress versions, and individual files from your WordPress dashboard.

You can restore all the files or you can choose which backup to restore. That’s all you can do from your WordPress dashboard.

Try BackupBuddy!

Is BackupBuddy Black Friday & Cyber Monday Worth it in 2022?

Do you want a trustful Backup plugin for your WordPress website? Then you are at the right doorstep! Here we come with the Backupbuddy Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals.

BackupBuddy provides you with extraordinary backup for the WordPress website. So you don’t have to get frustrated if you lose your website data or files.

BackupBuddy includes a variety of tools and facilities to backup or restores your data. Thus BackupBuddy is a very popular WordPress plugin in the world for website backup technology.

BackupBuddy works as a security system for your existing files and information. As I said earlier, technology ditches you at any moment, so it is always better to have a plan B.

This refers to the regular backup of your website files and data. So if your information gets deleted, you can restore it from the BackupBuddy tools.

You will be amazed and relieved to know that your site backs everything from this plugin.

Here you will get these features:

  • BackupBuddy provides easy and fast WordPress backup for saving times.
  • This plugin also provides fast restoration of the files and data from it.
  • Their cloud storage assures that no matter what happens, your files are safe in the cloud.
  • User-friendly
  • Schedule the time for your backup
  • It has malware scans
  • Backup and restore everything.

Are still thinking BackupBuddy Black Friday & Cyber Monday are Worth it in 2022?

I hope you understand. So Don’t look further….Get the deals right NOW. You will be glad what you did.

Try BackupBuddy!

FAQs about BackupBuddy Black Friday 2022

Does BackupBuddy Really Backup Everything?

Yes. it backs up the SQL database, plugins, files, themes, scripts, posts, settings, widgets, plugins, and more. It means everything else in the WordPress database and directories.

How Much Discount is offered by Backupbuddy Black Friday Sale 2022?

BackupBuddy Black Friday Sale 2021 you will get up to 50% off on all plans. They offer such a big deal once a year.

Can You Migrate Your Website to another Web Hosting with BackupBuddy?

Yes, BackupBuddy allows you to migrate your entire website’s old host to a new hosting.

Do BackupBuddy Offer Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, BackupBuddy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, within 30 days you can ask for a refund if you don’t like their services.

Over To You

I hope BackupBuddy Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals information helps you to figure out the details.

Therefore, if you are looking for the most reliable, and secured backup plugin then BackupBuddy is worth checking out.

Also, it is one of the most popular and #1 WordPress Backup and Restores plugins. I highly recommend you grab this deal because it provides unlimited features at an affordable price.

In the end, I want to mention that BackupBuddy is one of the best backup tools that come with 100% customer satisfaction.

Wanna get BackupBuddy deals, (50% OFF for a Complete WordPress backup).

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