How to Hide WordPress Content From Google (update 2022)

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Last updated on April 3rd, 2022

As a website owner, you might have some reason to hide WordPress content from google. Did you know that you can hide content or a particular page from Google? If you’ve used WordPress to build your site, it’s super easy to do.

Whether you hide your entire website or specific page, you can quickly and easily tell Google to not index content in search results for your potential readers.

Reason to Hide WordPress content from Google

For most of us, it’s not a matter of fact to hide all of our site content from Google, but a small handful of pages, blog posts, or media files. Most of the time a newbie blogger doesn’t even know how to start a WordPress blog.

Without concern, they simply launch an under construction website with misleading information. And then the Google crawler comes to your blog and index misinformation about your site. This little mistake might be handicapped by your blogging journey.

This is one of the reasons you should hide WordPress content from Google. Or maybe you’re working on a new project + the details don’ ready for readers. So you only want to share the page until you get ready.

Whatever reason, you want to hide WordPress content from Google searches, as long as Bing or yahoo. Or you definitely may have reasons to block the appearance of certain content from search engines.

There is plenty of free wp plugin for under construction website. That helps you to protect indexing from google.

5 Way You Could Hide WordPress content From Google

There are a couple of different ways that you can make it harder for search engines to find specific content or page.

Search engines, like Google, don’t want to show irrelevant and meaningless content. This means that results from the search bar on your website could be included in results, but it’s not always the best idea.

Option 1: Use WordPress Reading Settings

This option is pretty unclear, so it’s unlikely you’ll use it. In the WordPress, Reading Settings section that will discourage search engines from finding your website.

That doesn’t always guarantee that they will ignore the page or post. But It will stop WordPress from notifying update the services about your website visibility.

Also if you find yourself wanting to keep your entire website clear from any search results ever.

Using this option, you don’t have to individually hide content from searches. The only reason I recommend this option is if the WordPress blog site is members-only and there is no public-facing or free content.

Option 2: Use the Yoast SEO Plugin

A free plugin like Yoast SEO can make managing a website quite a bit simpler, and that includes hiding search results and pages from search engines if that’s what you’re interested in doing.

Within the Yoast SEO settings, go to the advanced tab and navigate select “noindex.” Then save it. These options particularly use the Meta robots tag, which will add a line of code to your page that tells search bots to ignore and not follow the page.

Options 3: Use the robots.txt File

It is maybe lengthy or complex for a newbie blogger, but it is simple anyway. To use this method, you’ll have to make changes to the robots.txt file.

So first go to your Cpanel and navigate the file manager. Open [Public _html] file and navigate the robot.txt file Edit the file which is a configuration that you add to the root directory of your website.

The file can provide instructions for search engines. If you’ve configured incorrectly, it can have negative effects on your WordPress site’s overall search engine optimization though, so this is not a step that is usually suggested for beginners. I don’t even recommend it

Option 4: Remove Your URL in Google Webmaster Tools

I know, you’ve got content that you might want to remove from Google & Bing search results, but you’ve got no idea how to do that?

This takes several steps, but in the end, it may be one of the more direct ways to go. After you’ve verified your page, look at the configuration settings, click crawler access, and remove the URL.

Option 5: Use Password Protect in WordPress

This option is a unique and easy way to invisible content by using the password. Only those have permission to access the content with a password. So first of all click on the option Posts.

Then Click on the button ‘Edit’ due to editing the page. Now click on the Visibility option as you can see different options to post it Public, Password Protected, or Private. Click on the Password protected option.

Try to keep a secure and strong password as far as possible. Lastly, Click on the button publishes or Save.

Summing Up

Create a website and make it perfect is quite easy with WordPress. Fortunately, the WordPress platform comes with various ways to hide WordPress content from search engines. Therefore, you can use any of them which are suitable for you.

But my recommendation is option #2 Yoast plugin. Creating high-quality content is the key to increasing your page views and web traffic, Remember “Content always King”.

Hope this article helps you, let me know which methods you use in the comments below.

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