3 Best WordPress Plugin for Maintenance Mode in 2022

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Last updated on April 3rd, 2022

If you start a blog but don’t want others to see your site until it’s fully complete then WordPress provides Free WordPress Plugin for Maintenance Mode.

If you want to know, how to start the maintenance mode of the WordPress site, this article might help you. Maintenance mode for WordPress can easily be done with the right plugin.

A free WordPress Plugin for Maintenance Mode will give you an “under construction” or “coming soon” page instead of your actual website.

What is WordPress Maintenance Mode?

Starting a WordPress Website is a very exciting thing for a newbie blogger. A new blogger might not even care if no one can see anything on the website during a development, so they turn off the website until they’re ready to launch.

Actually, maintenance mode means that you can put your website into development mode. When you need to change something like redesigning the theme, rewriting the homepage so on.

While you work on it, your WordPress site is going to be a broken mess for your users. This kind of administrative task would affect the site’s performance or confuse users.

So, activate the WordPress Maintenance plugin, which allows you to display a user-friendly notice to site visitors.

Instead of just showing them a broken WordPress under construction site while you developing things?

To do that you could use the free WordPress maintenance mode plugin, which takes your site offline and replaces it with a “coming soon” splash page.

Essentially, The maintenance mode sends an order to google a 503 HTTP status code header.

This informs Google that the WordPress site is developing data, so avoids the risk of Google checking the site and finding nothing of value, pushing you down the search rankings.

That’s a vital part of keeping your SEO as high as possible and ensures that any extended periods of maintenance don’t harm the visibility of your site in any long-term way.

Why do You use WordPress maintenance mode?

Well, If you’re just making small changes to your WordPress site, like updating plugins or themes or publishing new content, then you can usually put your site into WordPress maintenance mode.

Sometimes, though, you need to go through a bit more lengthy work on your WordPress site, and that can leave your site looking broken mess.

If you’re fixing a brand new theme or configuring a significant new plugin, then you’ll find that your site looks completely broken while you are doing this.

If your website getting tons of traffic, then you’re going to want to make sure that you don’t leave your website looking broken, as this creates a poor user experience and can negatively impact their impressions of you.

Maintenance mode may be a good way to avoid this problem by fixing a page that informs visitors to your WordPress site that your site is temporarily under construction.

Some free WordPress maintenance mode plugins allow you to offer alternative links to visit, give more explanation of the reason for the maintenance, or even give an estimated timeframe for when you look forward to your WordPress site running again.

3 Best WordPress under construction plugin

If you are currently working on your WordPress website and you don’t want people who visit it to think that it is out of service permanently, you need to inform in a way of displaying the appropriate message.

The pages that are usually displayed when WordPress is stuck in maintenance mode are error ones, like 403, 404, or 503. Visitors never come back to the respective website if they notice that it doesn’t currently work.

Considering this aspect, you may need to find ways to let the visitors know that you are working on the website and it will be republished soon.

Putting your WordPress site in maintenance mode accustomed to being a difficult process requires you to seek out and install a maintenance mode WordPress plugin to make a maintenance page for your site.

Although you can hide the WordPress page from your website. Now, though, it is a much easier process that does not require any effort on your part at all.

1. SeedProd

SeedProd is one of the best plugins for WordPress maintenance mode but all the features cost you a few bucks.

With SeedProd’s Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin, you can create an elegant Coming Soon page within a few minutes.

The free version currently has more than 800,000 active installations on WordPress.org, which makes it the most popular free Coming Soon plugin.

You can set up a Coming Soon page as fast as possible with SeedProd’s plugin, even without any programming knowledge.

The pages you create are the most beautiful and responsive manner, so they also look good on mobile.

Although you can build a decent Coming Soon page with the Lite version, the Pro version comes with a couple of awesome features.

It gives you access to a real-time page builder, tons of free background images and Google Fonts, third-party integrations, and many more.

The look and feel that this plugin offers are truly unique and it’s great for all sorts of purposes. This under-construction WordPress plugin is exactly what you need if you want a beautiful outcome.

2. CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin

When it comes to how to start the maintenance mode of a WordPress site, this plugin is definitely one to try. CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance plugin has all the premium features you ever wished for, and it is totally free!

It is also super fast and user friendly. You can activate your Maintenance, Coming soon(under construction), or a Landing page with a single click.

Customizable in various ways – you can select a layout from predefined Themes, custom text or graphic content, set custom logo, background graphics, subscribe form, social network icons, change typography, colors, SEO, and many more.

You can tell your website visitors whatever you want – maintenance, under construction, etc.

This plugin works with any WordPress Theme and all is 100% responsive! it has the ability to collect E-mails in the local database, MailChimp, MailPoet, or Mailster.

3. Under Construction

Underconstruction is another plugin for the creating coming Soon page that will show for all users when they are not logged in.

Without being able to see the world developing a site on a live server, it’s the way to do the work. Web Factory came up with this plugin that is dedicated to any website under maintenance.

The number of active users is up to 400,000, which is impressive. The number of five-star ratings should be enough to convince you that this is a good plugin.

It is free and is very easy to set up. The design is intuitive and user-friendly as well. You can easily install the plugin just like any other WordPress plugin.

Once it’s installed, you will need to activate the plugin and turn it on. You have to create a page with a theme of your choice, set the name of the page, include a few more settings, and hit one button.

The plugin will magically turn your website into maintenance mode. Moreover, the plugin is updated every two weeks, so you shouldn’t worry about bugs. It is free that doesn’t cost you extra bucks.

These three plugins we have tested on our site, we got super results. Some come free and some cost you a few bucks.

There are many other ways available that could possibly allow you to customize and control your WordPress maintenance page to a specific level.

If you want a more advanced WordPress maintenance mode page then we recommend you a premium plugin like Seedpod. But for most uses free plugin (CPM) the default maintenance mode should be enough with a WordPress site

Summing Up

When you’re looking for information about how to unpublish a WordPress site, these plugins are more than enough to get you going.

The maintenance mode Plugin is a vital part of keeping your WordPress site looking good and smart even when you’re in the middle of updating your site.

It’s allowing you to offer a great user experience and a professional-looking front end to your site even when it is down and not running properly.

Maintenance mode is a useful way to better communicate with your users when your site goes offline for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

It can even assist you to maintain your conversion rates even when your site goes offline. It’s best to use an obsessive maintenance plugin that will allow you to extend conversions.

Above all this plugin allows you to build trust for your brand without losing visitors.

We want to hear from you. What are some of your reasons for using WordPress maintenance mode, and what are your favorite ways of implementing it? Let us know in the comments below

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