What is Green Web Hosting and How Does it Work (Easy Guide)

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What is Green Web Hosting?

Green web hosting is called eco-friendly hosting, which uses green renewable technologies.

We all know what is web hosting, and how does it work. The term green hosting idea behind such projects is to reduce the environmental impact of the server’s work.

Green web hosting is the use of green renewable electricity, for a sustainable business.

Let’s breakthrough details…

What exactly is Green Web Hosting?

When web hosting is a familiar word to many, not all will have heard of green web hosting.

Green web hosting is the process when web hosts use renewable energy, recycle waste, and plant trees to support the environment.

It is an eco-friendly web hosting service that reduces the energy consumption of the system.

The goal of green hosting is to provide high-quality services while doing everything they can to limit their carbon footprint.

In a nutshell, Green web hosting is the use of green renewable electricity for their business goals.

Green Hosting ensures that there is a safe equipment disposal plan so breakneck waste does not pollute the air or water.

Green web Hosts Company recycles as much old equipment as possible. They have strict policies about any waste disposal.

How Does Green Web Hosting Work?

Green web hosting is primarily worked by reducing the carbon emission of the data centers. Green web hosting company has renewable energy credits so that they can provide eco-friendly service.

They are better known as RECs. Purchasing RECs give such companies that allow you to contribute towards cleaning the environment. It helps in reducing energy consumption on a daily basis. It’s the process of giving back what they take.

It becomes our social mandatory to return all that we take from our mother earth. Green Web Hosting does that by planting a new plant for every package you buy from them.

Types of Green Web Hosting Certification

There are a couple of different levels of green certification from different certification bodies. Perhaps, there are two main types of certifications related to green web hosting.

  1. Renewable Energy Certificates (REC)
  2. Carbon Offset Certificates (VER)

Renewable Energy Certificates (REC): These are most commonly known as Green tags or icons. Although you might also see them referred to as Renewable Electricity Certificates.

In the US, this document uses as a way to prove that a full 1 megawatt-hour of electricity has been created from a renewable energy source.

This proved that the power has been used by a web hosting facility. And it has been replaced by a renewable electricity provider.

Carbon Offset Certificate (VER): Think of carbon offset as a way to make up for carbon that gets cut out as an outcome of power generation and consumption.

For online hosting companies that have big installations inside data centers. It makes a lot of sense to get certified with carbon offsets.

It’s an effective way to ensure that their energy usage complies with the rules of the country where they’re operating.

Benefits of Green Web Hosting

Green web hosting is simply a web hosting solution that is created by an eco-friendly resource, such as renewable energy.

By finding alternatives to burning fossil fuels and using sunlight, wind, and even water to power or keep their web hosting solutions cool.

There are many benefits of green web hosting, but also have some disadvantages to going green. You may never have considered benefits that are more than saving the planet.

So, if you’re wondering to migrate to a web hosting company that uses eco-friendly practices, here are a few reasons why you should make the change.

1. A Reduced Internet Carbon Footprint

There is a huge amount of user-generated content out there, ranging from written blog posts to video and even audio.

Which is hosted on servers that are then housed in data centers?
These data centers house many servers. This hosts anything from e-commerce stores to personal blogs, and because of the sheer amount of servers, these need to be kept cool.

For them to remain cool, a huge amount of energy is being used, which, of course, causes a significant amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) to be omitted

By turning to a green web hosting company, you’re greatly reducing your carbon footprint. Because renewable power sources are being used to cool down their servers instead.

2. Cost Saving Opportunities

Like, turning to green web hosting can be more affordable than the standard hosting plans.

Why? Because, unlike the usual web hosting solutions, you don’t usually have to pay for the electricity used to keep the servers cool.

Instead, when using green web hosting, the electricity generated is through renewable sources. A couple of sources like solar panels or wind farms, and because this is an unlimited source, it is much cheaper.

3. Advantage of Re-Brand

Nowadays people are more preferring to use a company that has eco-friendly values. With more impulse being placed on looking for eco-friendly alternatives and lifestyles.

People are making more of an effort when it comes to buying a car, choosing a house to live in. While few people consider web hosting as being a threat to the environment.

By saying you’re using a green web hosting company, you’re giving yourself a leg up over your competitors.

Rather than be a company that isn’t worried about your carbon footprint, be one that is striving for a better and greener future.

4. Difference Aspect of Business

While saving money and having a chance to market your business differently can be positives.

The best reason to make the switch from normal web hosting to green web hosting is that it’s going to make a difference to the environment.

There’s no denying the effects of global warming. So, people should take eco-friendly ways to reduce the impact they have on Earth.

Why Use a Green Web Host?

People become eco-friendly in many parts of their lives and for a couple of reasons. The move towards sustainable and renewable energy impacts the behavior of both businesses and consumers.

Going green and eco-friendly initiatives in your company is becoming more important.

There are a couple of reasons for going green hosting, including protecting the world and its resources. People want to be able to enjoy technology, but not at the expense of the environment.

Look, if your customers are concerned about the environment, you should be concerned too. It’s not surprising then that green hosting is an option that more companies are choosing these days.

Going green with your web hosting can make a huge difference in the carbon footprint of your website. Nonetheless, you should not go for Green Web Hosting only for this reason.

You need to go through the research on your part to calculate if you truly need such a system in your business.

Our environment has been collapsing day by day and the time has come to save it. If we don’t take any effective progress to stabilize it, it may never come back to us.

A small effort on your side may help to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. Start giving whatever you can to the environment with the help of Green hosting.

What Web Hosting Meets these Criteria?

All the web hosts company provide shared and dedicated hosting at a reasonable price. There are 2 green web hosts that meet my criteria. They are iPage and HostGator.

Both hosting companies use RECs purchased from wind farms. So which one is better?

If you are looking for an established company then HostGator might your choice. HostGator hosted over 8 million domains at a reasonable price.

What is the Best Green web Host Available?

If you are looking for the greenest company that is affordable, reliable, and responsible then the iPage is your choice.

I have always liked iPage Hosting’s approach to web hosting, particularly at the more affordable pricing scale.

It has tons of well-written, well-organized help for users. I’ve found the uptime and quality of service to be very good, with fast response times.

We’ve been hosted a couple of websites with iPage. They are reliable and affordable provides all kinds of hosting like shared hosting and WordPress hosting. iPage purchases three times the RECs as the energy they use.

That means that they are giving back to investing in wind energy three times what they use. This means you will be investing in renewable energy when you host your website. This is fantastic!

iPage makes use of the most energy-efficient web server available and configures them to run even more efficiently.

This all sounds great, but what are their services like? They provide 99.97% uptime; excellent customer support and all the necessary applications that you need to start your websites.

In a nutshell, they provide reliable, easy-to-use green web hosting that is as efficient on energy as it is on costs.


Many people now prefer to create a Business website with Green web Host. Go green with your website hosting, you show your customers that you care about the effects your business has on the environment.

It gives an added benefit of shopping on your website and gives you a boost over competitors. Choosing to host your website with a server that uses renewable energy and disposes of hazardous materials.

Web hosting providers consume a great amount of energy to power servers and data centers for providing 24/7 services.

If you have any questions or advice relating to Green Web Hosting, you can ask them in a comment below!

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