Top 5 Best Green Web Hosting Services of 2021 [Expert Pick]

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Green web hosting has become more important for those of us interested in saving our environment.

You don’t even know the effects of the web hosting industry on the planet are potentially enormous. Because of the energy web hosting companies use to power and cool their data center facilities.

The web hosting industry could soon become like the airline industry when it comes to pollution. That’s why it’s a great idea to look for the Best Green Web Hosting.

In this guide, I have gathered the 5 best green web hosting providers that fulfill your needs. So Let’s drive in!

What is Green Web Hosting?

Green web hosting is not much different from regular hosting. Green web hosting is a kind of web hosting where the host uses a renewable energy source like the sun, wind for powering his servers and cooling systems.

Knowing the fact that the data center of the former solution depends on the Green energy source. In traditional hosting, the data center gets powers from a conventional power generator.

It featured carbon emitters that burn non-renewable fuels. They produce electricity while emitting carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the environment.

As a result, a traditional host causes harm to the environment. In the case of Green Host, Data centers get energy from renewable fuels.

These resources could be solar panels, wind, or hydropower. Even they have energy-efficient hardware like servers, routers, and switches in data centers.

Besides, the green hosting provider follows Standard Eco-friendly policies. They dispose of and recycling old equipment as fast as possible.

There are many Cheap Web Hosting Provider is continuously committed to saving the planet. The whole concept behind Green hosting is far better than traditional hosting.

As you know, it’s restrained the environment in the best way. Most people are intended to create a website with reliable green web hosting because people are conscious to serve our mother earth.

Benefits of Green Web Hosting

The benefit of using green hosting lets you contribute to saving the environment.

It does not matter what approach you are deploying like you are reducing the carbon footprint, or you are making power back into the grid.

The thing to emphasize is that it has a positive impact on the environment, which is what matters in the end.

Other key benefits include energy efficiency, cost-saving, getting certification for contributing to the environment.

It uses renewable energy sources for clean energy with no harm being done to the environment. The use of protocols shared hosting and decreasing the CO2 emission.

Green Web Hosting is not only a great move for saving the Earth but also a tremendous contribution to humans in the future.

It is an approach of various organizations that are contributing to making the world a better place to live for now and for future generations.

Why Use a Green Web Host?

Providing eco-friendly services with your web hosting can create a huge difference in reducing the C02 for your site.

You will be able to know that by using a green hosting company, you are giving back the equal energy of what you are utilizing.

When people understand this approach and mission and it becomes a common practice. As a result, the global carbon footprint of the internet can be reduced by a noticeable amount.

In this way, contributing as a solution for problems like global warming and environmental pollution.

How Do You Pick the Best Green Web Hosting?

It’s easy to find a ton of green web hosting providers out there. Some companies are producing their own green energy. While others go for Green Energy Credits.

Don’t know how to pick the Best Green Web Hosting provider?

We make a list of the best green web hosts by checking customer reviews and ratings. We set some criteria for the best Green host.

  • Any host is the best one when it:
  • Offers high performance
  • Delivers exponential page loading speed
  • Brings High Up-time
  • Maximizes security
  • Renders 24/7 Expert Customer Service

Going eco-friendly with your hosting plan means you saving the planet and money at the same time. Green web hosting brings the best features like WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. You can get high Uptime, excellent page loading speed. Okay, let’s jump into our list of the top 5 green web hosting providers.

5 Best Green Web Hosting Providers in 2021

Do you want to reduce your carbon dioxide footprint? Start now with the best green web hosting. We’ve gathered, what we think is the best green web hosting company, and we hope you’ll be able to change.

So if you’ve decided to go with a green web hosting company is the way to go for your website, what are your best options? Here are the five best green web hosting alternatives that we like.

1. iPage (Best Green web Hosting)

iPage is the leader of green web hosting. The company was founded in 1998 by Tomas Gorny. iPage is one of the top green web hosting companies among others.

They’ve been in the web hosting business since 1998. It is considered to be one of the top web hosting companies that provide hosting solutions.

iPage hosts more than a million websites from 150 countries. They provide unlimited green hosting at a steal-away price of US $ 1.99/month.

You can’t get cheaper than this! iPage offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth, plus you can host many sites in 1 account.

iPage is owned by the Endurance International Group, one of the largest players in the hosting market.

Endurance also owns market leaders such as HostGator and Bluehost. iPage is also known for good uptime, great prices, and excellent security.

What makes iPage a Top Green Web Hosting Company? iPage is the number #1 Green Web Hosting in our list.

They offset their energy consumption. iPage buys windmill energy to offset its CO2 emissions,. They buy windmill energy certificates for twice as much energy as they consume.

In a nutshell, iPage is one of the best and cheapest green web hosting providers in the world.

Check Out iPage Hosting

2. HostGator (Best Web Hosting for Beginner’s)

HostGator is part of (EIG), a large hosting company with data centers all around the world. It has set some of the core principles it held as an independent company, and carbon offsetting is one of them.

HostGator offsets its carbon footprint by buying renewable energy credits. Since 2008, the company buys Renewable Energy Credits that amount to 130% of the energy they spend.

What Makes HostGator Green?

A decade ago, HostGator purchasing (RECs) to offset the carbon emissions produced by its servers .and cooling systems. The RECs are used to buy renewable energy and put it back into the grid.

HostGator purchases RECs through 3Degrees Inc. and aims to offset 130% of its consumption. One REC purchased by HostGator at 3Degrees is equal to 1 megawatt-hour of energy used.

Could HostGator Do Better?

It’s challenging for established hosts to make a sudden switch to renewable energy.

There are obvious costs and environmental consequences. But smaller changes could be introduced.

I would like to see HostGator take a stand on things like recycling and carpooling to boost its impressive record so far.

What Else Does HostGator Have to Offer?

Well, HostGator’s shared hosting includes a free domain name when you sign up for 12 months or longer. You’ll also get a free SSL certificate on all plans so your website is secure and data is encrypted.

The Hatchling plan allows you to create one website, while the Baby and Business plans allow you to create unlimited sites. All shared hosting plans include unlimited storage and bandwidth.

A free website builder is provided on all plans along with a one-click installer for WordPress.

They also provide advertising credits for customers who want to try out Bing Ads or Google Ads. They give you a lot of opportunities for scaling your website.

Should You Switch to HostGator?

Yes, you do, Hostgator has been offsetting for a very long time, so its green credentials are proven. It has a good reputation as a solid host that provides affordable hosting packages.

If you want an environmentally conscious hosting company that is easy on your wallet. It is not only an eco-friendly company, but it is also a hosting provider with the best uptime and shared plan features.

When it comes to customer support, it’s professional and friendly 24/7 live chat, and phone support.

You know what; HostGator would probably win the battle as the best web hosting provider. Still, there are a bunch of Hostgator alternatives on the market like Bluehost.

Check Out HostGator Hosting

3. HostPapa

Our 3rd Top Green Web Hosting Company is HostPapa, one of the youngest companies on our list. HostPapa was founded in 2007 with the dual goals of providing good web hosting and Eco-friendly services.

Hostpapa is a great choice for hosting a professional or personal even if you are a beginner at web hosting. At Hostpapa their motto is “Let Papa take care of you!”. And indeed it is true. You will find excellent customer support at Hostpapa via online chat or email or phone.

HostPapa is also amongst the top green web hosting companies in the world. They offer unlimited everything at a cheap cost of US $2.95/month. HostPapa is more favored by Canadian customers than US customers.

They provide very cool service since the beginning they serve 180,000 customers.

One of the interesting facts about HostPapa is that they were one of the first hosting companies to focus on going green.

Like HostGator and iPage, HostPapa buys clean energy certificates that pay for their CO2 emissions.

Despite being a relatively new company, HostPapa was a pioneer in green web hosting.

Even though the company’s green ideas have been expanded by other hosting companies. HostPapa is still a green company. We appreciate HostPapa for being an early leader in green web hosting!

Check Out Hostpapa Hosting

4. GreenGeeks

This list won’t be fulfilled without GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks was founded in 2006 by Trey Gardner and they are growing in stature and reputation and now proudly host more than 1,00,000 websites.

GreenGeeks, as the name, suggests that they are a 300% Green hosting company. How are they 300% green?

They have bought 3 times the green renewable energy credits of the amount of energy their servers and offices pull out from the grid.

And associated wind farms to produce three times as much wind energy as they consume. These efforts make GreenGeeks’ and their customers’ websites carbon negative.

GreenGeeks offer unlimited hosting at a fair cost of US $3.95/month. You can host unlimited sites in one account, plus you get unlimited disk space and bandwidth. GreenGeeks has made a brand out of being one of the most eco-friendly hosting providers on the web.

Check Out GreenGeeks Hosting

5. FatCow

FatCow is the last green web hosting provider on our list. FatCow was founded in 1998, with the vision of providing an easy-to-understand and green web hosting service.

Like the company iPage, FatCow purchases renewable energy credits (wind energy) to offset their energy use. They also encourage their employees to use eco-friendly practices at work.

But, they only provide surface-level information about these eco-friendly practices. They do not make an attempt to back up their claims with data or specific information.

They do not even describe how many credits they buy to offset their energy usage. And they don’t even share, where the credits are purchased from.

Nonetheless, Fat Cow is an experienced and reliable web hosting company. That offers all the features that one would expect from a global hosting company.

Check Out Fatcow Hosting


Usually, the quality of Green web hosting services is quite the same as any other web hosting company. Choosing the best green web hosting will not differ from any other web hosting company.

So, you have to choose the most reliable host companies that are working in the hosting services for years.

Make sure those companies will offer you good customer support, along with the best resources. and Finally gives you reasonable prices for its services.

If you are looking for a Green Web Hosting provider then iPage is the number one choice at an affordable price for you.

Still, you want to explore then you can easily go for its alternatives, like- HostGator, and HostPapa. These are the best alternative choice to go with green web hosting.

If you have any further questions you can share them in a comment below!

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